The Two SEO Techniques

SEO techniques

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an integral role in a website’s development and progress. The inability to capitalize on the benefits of SEO can wreak havoc on a website’s success. Any website that wants to succeed on the web really needs to get a firm grasp on how SEO works and how it can be beneficial for their traffic flow.

All websites, at least those which care enough about traffic, want to have a high ranking on search engine return pages (SERPs). Having a high rank in SERPs usually translates into tremendous traffic flow. Tremendous traffic flow in turn is equivalent, usually, to success.

High traffic flow is important because of the way websites generate income. Some websites rely on advertisers who rent space on their web pages to generate income. This is very common in websites that do not sell products or services to their users.

Websites that do sell products or services are e-commerce websites. They generate revenue by earning income from the people that visit their website, provided that they pay for the product or service being sold.

SEO improves traffic because it increases a website’s visibility. Visibility simply means being visible to the people of the internet. One of the more important things that people ought to know about SEO is that there is two kinds of techniques, which are white hat and black hat SEO techniques.

Black hat techniques

Black hat techniques are the crooked methods by some SEO firms or practitioners. They employ dirty tactics that take unfair advantage of how search engines work to get high ranking on SERPs. It is dirty way of getting attention and is a practice detested and abhorred by most, if not all, search engine service providers.

Websites that employ SEO services should really be wary about the kind of service that they get. SEO practitioners or firms which employ black hat techniques must be avoided at all costs. When a search engine service provider, such as Google, catches so much as a hint that a website employs black hat SEO techniques they will immediately ban or blacklist the website.

There are plenty of different black hat SEO techniques. Keywords are the words users typically type in the search field of a search engine. These words are often embedded in a website’s content to increase its relevancy to the user’s search, the more relevant the webpage the higher its rank.

Some SEO workers stuff keywords into the articles of a website. They typically attach these words at the end of the article where readers will not notice them. Some even use invisible keywords. They design the website in such a manner that the keywords have matching colors with the background, thus making them invisible. These are just some of the black hat techniques that SEO employers ought to know about.

White hat SEO techniques

White hat SEO techniques are the opposite of black hat SEO techniques. Whereas black hat SEO techniques are devious methods for raising a website’s SERP ranking, white hat SEO techniques are legitimate means for getting a high ranking.

Going back to keywords, search engines scour the World Wide Web looking for keywords that are relevant to what the user searched for. These search engines use programs known as crawlers, which are sometimes also referred to as spiders.

With regard to keywords, white hate techniques practice legitimate methods to increase visibility. Example, one of the most well-known white hat SEO techniques is keyword placement. A legitimate SEO practitioner or firm will place the keyword at the title or the headers of an article.

Using keywords in this manner is a legitimate way of employing them. However, people ought to take caution with the number of times that they use keywords. Too much keywords and the overuse can be seen as a form of abuse by the search engine’s spiders or crawlers.

Anyone who wants to legitimately rise to the top will need to employ white hat SEO techniques.

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